Under The Mango Tree

UTMT Galerie/Hiroshi Aoki Colors on the surface of this world, 84 x 59 cm, 2017 Merseburgerstraße 14
10823 Berlin

Genre/Kunstrichtung: Fotografie, Malerei, Video Kunst und Skulpturen

Mini Kapur has combined her passion with her career and initiated the Gallery  UNDER THE MANGO TREE in 2011. She graduated in visual design in College of Art ,New Delhi, India . The gallery specialises is the art of photography, painting, sculptures and also video art. Artists as César Meneghetti/ Brazil/ Italy, Ranbir Kaleka / India, Amit Pasricha/ India, Irene Wedell Berlin/ Germany characterize the Gallery´s portfolio. In addition to established artists, the gallery focuses also to exhibit and discover the undiscovered/younger artists. Four to five exhibitions a year contribute to an encounter with the mix of the modern and the contemporary art and advance their significance through exhibitions. Responsible consulting and the care of private estates, as well as cooperations with museums and art associations are aimed to supplement the gallery's program. The Gallery also hosts music evenings and Heinrich Heine Salon regularly.

Timelessness and the colors on the surface of this world.

7.09.2018 - 9.11.2018

A need for knowledge of what transcends time is built into the very nature of the human mind and imagination. Maps change, histories move. Concrete, lights, lives and landscapes blur. Open-ended and un-documentary. Presented within a photographic dialog the works are suggestive of life, there is the anticipation of movement: only colors are present. The scenes evoke that the time is both a physical dimension of the universe and a dynamic, fluctuating process of change.

What happens when you layer one time on to another time? Is the sum equivalent to one temporal experience, analogous to the mysteriously singular ‘composite’ portrait of many realities – beyond every race, global borders - which as `new and unique´ has its new identity or is the result only a simple solution of two times at once? An idea made manifest as a photographic experiment or a reality of an imagination to bring together the identity of simple existence and its appreciation.

A childhood intention to understand and appreciate the global differences led Hiroshi Aoki towards a careful cultivation of the perspectives to see through his Lens. From United States to Norway to Japan to Germany. By combining elements, observing changes where they occur, and keeping a close watch on the way in which the world courses through his consciousness, Hiroshi Aoki also subsequently generated in the continuity - A Blue Print of Berlin. Located at the intersections of contemporary art and its historical and philosophical enquiry- those who take a closer look at the works created in 2015 in Berlin, will see that his works consists of an exclamation and question mark. Much can be gained with this realization, but not everything- because only those who take the trouble to go into the depth of the title, see more. He lives in Tokyo and works internationally.

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Bild: UTMT Galerie/Hiroshi Aoki, Colors on the surface of this world, 84 x 59 cm, 2017